Yamuna Expressway, as the name denotes, is a highway running parallel to the bank of the river Yamuna. Commencing from Greater Noida (Noida/Greater Noida border near Pari Chowk) and concluding at Agra ring road (under construction), Yamuna Expressway is 165.54 km long, 6 lanes wide (expandable to 8 lanes), access controlled, concrete pavement and fully elevated.

Three cities are projected to be developed along the expressway in various stages. Phase I is underway and approximately 42,450 hectares of land has already been earmarked for first phase adjoining Greater Noida.
Several maps in this section are sourced from various authorities, while others are custom made by cartographers. Our entire efforts are directed towards providing our readers a comprehensive and unbiased analysis of Yamuna Expressway and the maps play an important role in dispersing relevant and accurate information.

Explore plot locations in various sectors and city map of Yamuna Expressway. You may also like to view range of locations in Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida and other parts of NCR.
"A picture speaks thousand words." Countless applicants, potential buyers, individuals, industrialists, commercial establishments and institutional investors, etc., in India and abroad, either have very limited or no access to rapid changes taking place at Yamuna Expressway.

Our endeavor is to provide recent and relevant photographs of Yamuna Expressway and surrounding locale. The intention is to arm viewers with pragmatic information by presenting comprehensive insight of ground realities and newest developments.
Video provides a broad glimpse of developments taking place in an area. Video also enables the viewer to compare and correlate various locations in the vicinity, thus providing viewers a comprehensive understanding of the place.

This section will particularly benefit those who are unable to physically visit Yamuna Expressway and experience the developments first hand. Short video snippets of surrounding areas, enables our viewers to gain a clearer perspective of rapid changes underway at Noida, Greater Noida and Yamuna Expressway.
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